Frequently Asked

Can I book Rentals directly through the website?

To prevent double-bookings, we will have you fill out our Rental Interest Form and Audrey will contact you regarding date availability. From there you will just browse the inventory and add the desired items to your list!

After I add things to my list what do I do next?

After you come up with a list of items go ahead and go through the check out process. You will not be required to put in any payment info at this time. This will send a list to Audrey and she will prepare an official rental proposal for you within 4 business days that will be sent to your email. 

Can my list of items change after I go through the checkout process?

Absolutely! I understand that you may not have an official headcount, or exact number of tables set quite yet. We will be in constant contact up until your wedding date so we can make changes if need be! 

Do you deliver/pick up furniture and other items?

Yes, we do! We calculate the delivery charge based on the distance from our office to your venue. It also depends on the number of large items we will be delivering, which may impact the size of trailer we will need to use. 


How does payment work?

Once you fill out out our Rental Interest Form, we will reach out to discuss the items you are interested in renting.

After the list is made you will be required to pay $100 deposit to hold all of your desired items on your date. This deposit is nonrefundable and will be sent to you via a paypal invoice.  

Where is Unspoken Designs located?

We are located in between Concord, N.C. and Huntersville, N.C. However, we have been part of weddings all across North Carolina. 


What else do I need to know?

Rentals can be picked up/delivered two days prior to your event. They must be returned within 2 days of the event. There will be a late fee for any late returns.  

Please do not use real candles in any of our lanterns or geometric shapes, and please do not use any sticky adhesives on our products including wooden furniture and signs as it causes damage to the finish.